The Impact of Display Ads on Consumers.


Do you think display ads have more of a negative than positive affects on the potential customer?

- Filip from



Display ads is a perfectly fine advertising strategy to implement, as long as done with a consumer in mind. To answer your question, it is not the ad format that can cause any negative reaction - it is the execution of the advertisements. 

Consumers hate to see irrelevant ads - such as those ads that follow you everywhere you go, or a poorly designed ad that is just trying to sell something. Advertising is now moving to big data and hyper-telling, aiming to give potential customers what they need and want, instead of blatantly selling them something. Here goes the so popular education through content marketing, the heightened importance of a well-maintained social media presence and the never-ending search for the next big idea to gain consumer's attention (the positive one). 


Risks and opportunities of using Google AdWords


Is it a real risk focusing on Google AdWords - as in theory you can be cut off from the market if you are penalised by Google.

- Aodhan MacCathmhaoil from



The performance of Google AdWords is indeed directly linked to your website relevancy and quality. The quality of any given website always must be a priority whether implementing paid search in a marketing strategy or not. Avoiding Google's penalties is also very simple: avoid any black head SEO methods - now these won't get you on the first page either.

To improve performance of AdWords, the first thing to focus on is finding relevant keywords. The focus keywords should be both relevant to your website and anticipate a need of prospective customer. 



Marketing Freelance Services


As a freelancer, or a solo-preneur, in the translation field, I have a hard time to find a balance between marketing my activity and technical skills and sharing a few personal details to "personalise" my business. How much is too much but, above all, too little?

- Chiara Foppa Pedretti from



It is impossible to do it all at the same time. What I would recommend you do is to test out a few different marketing channels and focus on a few that work best for your business.

That being said, marketing and business personalisation should work in a unison. You need to establish a clear brand image that will both showcase your services in a good light and show a human touch to achieve the best outcomes.

And finally, practise makes it perfect! Look at what makes the highest return per time and money invested and focus on that. The number one rule is to have a strategy and stay consistent on each channel that you utilise.

Marketing Photography Services


I would love to hear your thoughts on effective marketing plan for a portrait photographer.
I'm a headshot photographer and find it hard to create a streamlined marketing plan for my business as my service area is quiet broad.

- Agi Magyar



It is the best to focus on a niche market that brings the most revenue to your photography business e.g. corporate portraits. However, in addition to ongoing marketing, you should look into creating short term marketing campaigns such as let's say holidays themed portrait services. When doing so, market research is a must: think about the times your business is in boom and when people need photography services.

As to a streamlined marketing plan, I would recommend you to focus on your social media presence (especially Instagram and Pinterest) and retargeting adverts to get your website visitors to proceed with booking. If you are choosing between multiple marketing channels, analyse which ones bring the most revenue to determine the most effective ones. You should be able to track each referral channel in your Analytics account or through your website builder platform.


Marketing an Online Course


What do you think would be the best first step to marketing our breastfeeding course?

- Joanne from



Marketing any information product should start with identifying the value a consumer will receive from it and effectively communicating it. Your first step should consist of two parts: identifying a unique selling point and your target audience. Your target audience must be very specific: I understand that in your case it is the women who breastfeed. However, you can make it more specific than that: identify when they will be more likely to consider and purchase your course, what their interests are, where they live and what media they consume. All that will give you an idea how to most effectively reach them and convince. A unique selling point is now only what makes your course different from many others, but it also should be highly appealing to your consumer. The best way to identify this is to talk to them directly or send out a survey to those who have already completed your course. 

Once you have figured out these two components, you should have a clear idea of what appeals to them and what is the best communication channel to reach them.



How to pitch to podcasts? - Public Relations


How would you pitch to go onto podcasts when you feel you have a message to communicate and want to reach a wider audience?

- Ronan Leonard from



That is a great question Ronan! However, pitching to podcasts is not that different as pitching to traditional media and follows the same process. Firstly, find the podcasts within the same niche that you'd like to be featured at. Then find the best person to contact - never send a generic email when pitching. After you have put together a list of podcasts with contact information, write to each of them individually with a specific story angle that resonates with what they usually cover. You should also include your media kit with your pitch, which should include your bio, relevant photos and previous coverage. From my experience as a radio show producer, knowing that the person is great at public speaking means a lot (we would always prefer to get in touch with someone who previously has been very talkative on the show). So, if you have been previously went onto podcast - definitely include the link or a recording.


How to get more followers and views on medium posts?


The social media structure of Medium is what sets it apart from other blogging solutions like Wordpress and Squarespace. This gives a blog a much higher traffic compared to if you were to set up your own website, although it does limit the level of control you have over your blog too.

There are a few crucial things to growing your presence on Medium: Quality content, Presentation, Engagement and Branding. Your content and visuals are great and I suggest that you focus on expanding your network by getting engaged in discussions and guest blogging: there are many medium publications that you could send your articles to! If you are actively using any other social networks, ask you followers to follow you and like your posts - this will push your articles up the feed, increasing the chances to be seen.

Refer to the article How to grow your blog on Medium for more tips!