How to make a video go viral with marketing and SEO

Viral content is highly coveted, although getting your videos go viral is no easy task. Highly shareable content can give your business or a freelancing career a lift, driving visitors and conversions. However, having your video go viral on the internet is like winning a lottery. Do you ever wonder what it takes to create a viral video?

While creating a viral video is part science and part art, here are some tips from the team of 2hats to keep in mind when working on your next big video idea:


Content is king

Try to think from audience’s perspective: What do they want? Does the video cater to their needs and interests? Figure out what the Facebook/YouTube audience wants based on what they are already watching and sharing, then use the techniques for your own video.

Short videos tend to perform best on social media, resulting in more views, comments and shares. Your video doesn’t need to be longer than 3 minutes at the max. And remember to choose a high-resolution thumbnail image for your video to draw attention of the audience and characterise your video.  


Become your own marketer

Boosting video’s reach with paid ads on social media is the best way to put your video in front of the audience, who will then share it with their network.

Also, promote your video through your social media channels, share it with friends and engage in any form of self-promotion to boost video’s reach the moment it’s uploaded. Getting involved with digital communities who would be interested in your videos also leads to great exposure and new leads.


Optimize for search

Search engines don’t have the ability to read video’s content. It is your job to tell Google and your viewers about its content. Place rich keywords in your video’s title and description, using the terms that are likely to be searched for by your target audience.


Optimize your video

You have just a split second to catch an attention of a user who is scrolling through the news feed. You should also be prepared for people to be watching your video without sound if promoting through social media. Watch your video with sound off and optimize it to cater to viewers.