Q&A: Marketing Photography Services


I would love to hear your thoughts on effective marketing plan for a portrait photographer.
I'm a headshot photographer and find it hard to create a streamlined marketing plan for my business as my service area is quiet broad.

- Agi Magyar



It is the best to focus on a niche market that brings the most revenue to your photography business e.g. corporate portraits. However, in addition to ongoing marketing, you should look into creating short term marketing campaigns such as let's say holidays themed portrait services. When doing so, market research is a must: think about the times your business is in boom and when people need photography services.

As to a streamlined marketing plan, I would recommend you to focus on your social media presence (especially Instagram and Pinterest) and retargeting adverts to get your website visitors to proceed with booking. If you are choosing between multiple marketing channels, analyse which ones bring the most revenue to determine the most effective ones. You should be able to track each referral channel in your Analytics account or through your website builder platform.