Q&A: Marketing an Online Course


What do you think would be the best first step to marketing our breastfeeding course?

- Joanne from www.breastfeedingconsultant.com



Marketing any information product should start with identifying the value a consumer will receive from it and effectively communicating it. Your first step should consist of two parts: identifying a unique selling point and your target audience. Your target audience must be very specific: I understand that in your case it is the women who breastfeed. However, you can make it more specific than that: identify when they will be more likely to consider and purchase your course, what their interests are, where they live and what media they consume. All that will give you an idea how to most effectively reach them and convince. A unique selling point is now only what makes your course different from many others, but it also should be highly appealing to your consumer. The best way to identify this is to talk to them directly or send out a survey to those who have already completed your course. 

Once you have figured out these two components, you should have a clear idea of what appeals to them and what is the best communication channel to reach them.