Q&A: Marketing Freelance Services


As a freelancer, or a solo-preneur, in the translation field, I have a hard time to find a balance between marketing my activity and technical skills and sharing a few personal details to "personalise" my business. How much is too much but, above all, too little?

- Chiara Foppa Pedretti from http://chiarafoppapedretti.it/



It is impossible to do it all at the same time. What I would recommend you do is to test out a few different marketing channels and focus on a few that work best for your business.

That being said, marketing and business personalisation should work in a unison. You need to establish a clear brand image that will both showcase your services in a good light and show a human touch to achieve the best outcomes.

And finally, practise makes it perfect! Look at what makes the highest return per time and money invested and focus on that. The number one rule is to have a strategy and stay consistent on each channel that you utilise.