Q&A: The Impact of Display Ads on Consumers.


Do you think display ads have more of a negative than positive affects on the potential customer?

- Filip from www.aro.ie



Display ads is a perfectly fine advertising strategy to implement, as long as done with a consumer in mind. To answer your question, it is not the ad format that can cause any negative reaction - it is the execution of the advertisements. 

Consumers hate to see irrelevant ads - such as those ads that follow you everywhere you go, or a poorly designed ad that is just trying to sell something. Advertising is now moving to big data and hyper-telling, aiming to give potential customers what they need and want, instead of blatantly selling them something. Here goes the so popular education through content marketing, the heightened importance of a well-maintained social media presence and the never-ending search for the next big idea to gain consumer's attention (the positive one).