Q&A: How to pitch to podcasts?


How would you pitch to go onto podcasts when you feel you have a message to communicate and want to reach a wider audience?

- Ronan Leonard from www.eccountability.io



That is a great question Ronan! However, pitching to podcasts is not that different as pitching to traditional media and follows the same process. Firstly, find the podcasts within the same niche that you'd like to be featured at. Then find the best person to contact - never send a generic email when pitching. After you have put together a list of podcasts with contact information, write to each of them individually with a specific story angle that resonates with what they usually cover. You should also include your media kit with your pitch, which should include your bio, relevant photos and previous coverage. From my experience as a radio show producer, knowing that the person is great at public speaking means a lot (we would always prefer to get in touch with someone who previously has been very talkative on the show). So, if you have been previously went onto podcast - definitely include the link or a recording.