How to grow a blog on Medium.

I have been blogging on Medium for a few months now and one thing is certain — you have to treat it as any other social media network. The social media structure of Medium is what sets it apart from other blogging solutions like Wordpress and Squarespace. This gives a blog a much higher traffic compared to if you were to set up your own website, although it does limit the level of control you have over your blog too. To become truly successful at blogging on Medium, there are a few must-do’s:



Content is always king

Whatever you do to promote your blog, your efforts won’t be effective without a good content in the first place. Write interesting and engaging blog posts — remember that Medium rankings also depend on reads. It is suggested to write about a 4 minutes long articles to make sure that you won’t loose a reader halfway through. It is also as important to make sure that it actually provides value to the reader and is easy to understand for a person with no background knowledge of the topic. To wrap up a story, work on its presentation: visuals do wonders when it comes to gaining reader’s attention. 


Get involved. Now!

On social media I always live by a rule to get involved as much as you can. You can treat it like networking: if at a networking event you would stand in a corner waiting to be approached, not many people will take an interest. It goes alike for social media. Instead of just pushing out your blog posts, take an interest in the work of others. Getting engaged with the Medium community will boost your profile’s visibility and attract valuable connections.


Guest blogging

Yes, guest blogging is also a thing on Medium. It puts your blog posts in front of a larger audience of the publication’s readers and, if executed right, drives users to your page.

The majority of publications on Medium accept guest bloggers — you just need to find the right fit for your content. 

Sent me a message in Q&A and I will write a full article on how to do guest blogging to grow your profile!