5 ways to increase your service sales

When starting a consulting service or working as a freelancer, your sales methods can make or break your business.

These tips are perfect for any types of services of either a business or an individual service provider. Here are 5 easy ways to boost sales of your services:


Personal Branding

Even if you are a business owner, you are a face and a brand of your consulting firm. Brushing up your professional profile and getting it to the masses is essential for your business survivor. Publish a few expert articles in your industry to get more eyeballs on your business. Make sure to share it with your network and update your profile regularly to stay on top of the feed.



Here are even more opportunities to get yourself out there! Building a strong network will not only get you possible referrals but might also help you build your support network. Your support network are close industry connections who would readily advise or support you through your business challenges. Networking is arguably one of the most important tools for small business owner to boost business profile and sales.



To avoid binge cycles of having too much work and being too busy to do marketing and being unable to find clients and keep the business going, you need some base level schedule of a systemised marketing for your consulting business. This doesn’t need that you need to get a marketing degree to do that, a good place to start at is to regularly update your 2hats profile with news and new experience to stay on top of the feed and in minds of your customers. Sharing your services and updates to other social media platforms, will help to attract more leads, which equals more sales.

Another way to do lean marketing is to upsell your services. Just ask yourself what other services your customer would be interested in that you can offer? Or perhaps refer them to someone you know and earn a referral commission.


Referral system

A formalised referral network would spark your connections to bring you more clients. Working out a referral system is individual for every business.

You can also turn to affiliate bloggers in your niche as a source of commission based referrals.


Customer reactivation

What can be a better sales strategy than going back to your old clients? Assuming that they are highly satisfied with your work, it is easier to spark them to start working with you again. You might point out your new services or suggest a service they might need help with. Even if your services are not of use to your past client now, keeping in touch can go a long way — you will be the first in their mind when the next job comes up.